Benefits of Earning a Criminal Justice Degree in Pakistan

Criminology or criminal justice education is a study of law-breaking and criminal motivation that unites disciplines like psychology, biology, political research, economics and sociology. These subjects are studied under criminal justice to understand the economics, communal circumstances and mentality of the lawbreaker that motivated him/her for the criminal activity. Since criminology is a significant part of legal justice courses and discipline therefore it has become essential for the law enforcement agencies to study this subject. Besides them scientists, social workers, media persons as well as local and international NGOs also study this subject.

Thus one can say without a doubt that criminologists have a bright future as terror attacks, criminal violence and corruption has increased a lot. Particularly in a country like Pakistan that is fighting against terror and also dealing with social evils like corruption and various criminal offenses in its society. So the country is badly in need of specialist professionals who could join government departments such as police and other law enforcement organizations. In short, youngsters who will opt for criminal justice education will lead a good career.

Unfortunately in Pakistan the scope of criminal justice is limited as people are not aware of the fact that they can score a job more easily with this degree as compared to an MBA. Just the way majority of the people in the country do not know that now they can enrol in an international certification programme without leaving Pakistan. Thanks to ninthd, an online education platform that has made it possible for the youth in Pakistan to earn international certifications by forming associations with leading international schools. Like UKCET and iCarnegie Global Learning that is a subsidiary of one of the most reputable institutes in the US and world Carnegie Mellon University.

Nevertheless, to improve the scope of the criminal justice education in Pakistan and enlighten our youth about this degree below we have described some of the benefits of earning this degree.

More Job Opportunities

The latest rankings have shown that employment in correctional, legal and law enforcement are rated quite high which has made them a hot commodity. Thus it means that people who have earned a degree in criminal justice have a clear advantage over the ones who non-college graduates or have not earned such degree. As preference is always given to relevant degree holders in addition, criminal degree holders sometimes also get the chance to work for federal agencies or certain states.

High Salary Package

Besides getting better job opportunities, the criminal justice degree holders when gets an employment in their relevant field they earn more money than non-college graduates. Similarly, if a person has earned a four-year criminal justice degree it is likely that he/she will get a high salary package than an associate degree holder in criminal justice.

Higher Education Opportunity

Since degrees in criminal justice are multidisciplinary so you will get the opportunity to gain higher education as well. You can enrol in a graduate or law school. Or you can also register in a relevant programme like psychology or social work.

Gives Valuable Knowledge

Apart from offering better job opportunities, higher salary and higher education opportunities, the degree in criminal justice also gives you valuable knowledge too. For example, by taking court class you be able to develop better understanding of laws, whereas a class of sex crime or domestic violence will educate you about survival techniques. Also, you will able to improve your reading, writing and communication skills by earning a criminal justice degree as it requires lot of critical thinking that can be of great use in any job.

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