Criminology Distance Education Programs: Are They for Me?

When you’re making the decision of where to get your criminology degree, you must first answer a fundamental question: do you want to study in person or from distance? First, just to clarify, distance learning or distance education in this case means the same thing as online education┬ásince we are talking about an entire degree […]

Education and Career as Criminologist in India

The article discusses about the education and career prospects for those who pursue graduate and postgraduate courses in criminology in India. Read on to have an overview of this increasingly popular career in the country. The study of crime at individual or social level is known as Criminology. The subject covers the regulation of crime […]

PhD in Criminology: What is it Good For?

As we’ve mentioned in several posts on this site, your education is a major factor in your journey to land a criminology job. There are certain positions available to those who complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but others require more advanced study. Entering a PhD program in criminology is one such option, but it […]

Is Criminal Justice a Good Major? The Value of the Degree

A very common question among prospective and current students is whether a degree in criminal justice is a good choice. Is it worthwhile to devote yourself to this course of study? The answer, of course, isn’t a simple yes or no. Everyone has a different personal situation and an important factor is what you would […]

Online Criminology Degree – Is It for You?

Are you thinking about an online degree in Criminology? This type of learning has become more common in recent years, and it has a number of distinct advantages. In many cases, distance learning courses are taught by the same faculty members as the on-campus program. The curriculum is identical in both instances. Students must meet […]

Criminal Justice Bachelor’s vs. Associate’s Degree: Which is Better?

Note: this author was written by a guest author. If you are interested in contributing something about criminology or criminal justice, let us know using the contact form! Criminal Justice is an excellent field of study if you have career aspirations in the areas of law and criminology. Those interested will need to start by […]

How Can I Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

CSI, the most watched TV show in the world, gives us a glimpse into how crime scene investigators seem to find invaluable forensic data that helps them solve the mystery of the crime and ultimately find the culprit, all well within the one hour time slot! While CSI does the job of glamming up the […]

I’ve Got an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice: What Kind of Jobs Can I Get?

In the field of criminal justice, there’s no shortage of degree programs you can choose from. Some of the decisions you will have to make are between online and physical (brick-and-mortar) programs, and specializations such as law enforcement, corrections and the legal system. In addition, there are programs that treat crime through a sociological focus […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Criminology Graduate Program

If you are passionate about taking your career in criminology to a higher level, then a graduate degree program in criminology is likely to be in your future. In a field like criminology, which covers a broad range of topics from advanced psychology and crime scene investigation to community crime prevention and offender rehabilitation, you […]

Best Criminology Schools: A Guide to Finding the Top Program For You

If you’re interested in criminology careers, you’ll first need to obtain a degree. While this seems simple enough, which degree to get is actually a more complicated question than in many other fields. In this article, we will explain why a tidy list of schools is not appropriate in criminology, and how you can determine […]