Is Criminology a Good or Bad Major for Law School Applicants?

Some students interested in criminology and criminal justice may be interested in attending law school after earning their bachelor’s degree. And the experience of learning about criminals and the causes of crime could be beneficial in many areas of law. But will it help you get admitted to a top law school? Or, as some […]

Is Criminology a Requirement to Become a Police Officer?

If you’re interested in becoming a police officer, one of the first steps is to determine what educational requirements the departments will have. A very common question is whether or not a criminology degree is required to become a cop. The short answer is no, but it can be helpful if you do are able […]

What Degree is Needed to Get a Job in Criminology?

As we explain here on the site, criminology careers can be extremely varied. While some work in law enforcement agencies, either at the state or federal level, many others hold positions in youth services, counseling, public safety and departments of correction. Other criminologists use their expert skills to conduct policy research on crime or teach […]

Key Criminology Resources for Research

When you’re a student in criminology or criminal justice, you’ll inevitably need to do some academic research. On this page we’ve decided to put together some of the most helpful resources for the field criminology. These might be helpful for as sources for an academic paper or just as a way to gain more knowledge […]