The Similarities Between Criminology and Criminal Defense

Crime has been a part of the human experience for thousands if not millions of years. In the modern world, that means a wide variety of careers are now available that have something to do with crime or criminals. These typically break down into two major groups: criminology and criminal defense or – more correctly […]

Different Careers You Can Pursue with a Degree in Criminology

Before going for a degree in any field, it is important to consider the current potential of the job market. Some degrees will always provide you with good employment opportunities and criminal justice or a degree in criminology is generally a good choice these days. The reason is that a degree in criminology will help […]

All You Need To Know To Become A Successful Criminal Analyst

During a crime investigation process, detectives and investigators use various tools to look out for and arrest criminals. They also take help of criminal analysts. Criminal analysts (also known as crime analysts) help investigators and detectives identify and apprehend suspects and solve crimes. They are the people who work behind the scene to assist law […]

Education and Career as Criminologist in India

The article discusses about the education and career prospects for those who pursue graduate and postgraduate courses in criminology in India. Read on to have an overview of this increasingly popular career in the country. The study of crime at individual or social level is known as Criminology. The subject covers the regulation of crime […]

Guide To Becoming A Juvenile Correctional Officer

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for juvenile correctional officers since the rate of crimes among youngsters is rising in a number of locations. The job of a juvenile correctional officer is one of the toughest yet the most rewarding jobs in the field of criminology. These officers work in a rapidly challenging environment and […]

Opt for a Forensic Science Technician Career If You Love Solving Crime Mysteries

Analyzing the crime scene and assessing the evidence isn’t as easy as they depict it in movies or TV shows. Though some crime scenes don’t take much of an effort to solve, there are often some that are quite hard to crack, such as homicides. Here, forensic science technicians come into picture. These specialists thoroughly […]

8 Rising Careers in Criminology

From delving into the minds of criminals to conducting stakeouts as a private eye or watching gamblers in a casino, the field of criminal justice offers a range of career choices with a solid demand for workers. Along with the diversity of career paths, workers can enter the profession with a range of educational qualifications […]

Popular Career Fields in Criminal Justice: What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?

There is something intriguing about a career in the field of criminal justice. The job of FBI agents, lawyers, cops and so on fascinates me. There would be some excitement whenever I happen to watch an episode of White Collar, Castle, NYPD Blue, X Files and Law & Order. However, it is not a simple […]

I’ve Got an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice: What Kind of Jobs Can I Get?

In the field of criminal justice, there’s no shortage of degree programs you can choose from. Some of the decisions you will have to make are between online and physical (brick-and-mortar) programs, and specializations such as law enforcement, corrections and the legal system. In addition, there are programs that treat crime through a sociological focus […]

Government Jobs in Criminology: Federal, State and More

We’ve said many times here that criminology jobs can be extremely varied. One sector that has a lot of possibilities for employment is the government: but where exactly would you find these jobs? At the very top, there are numerous opportunities for criminologists in the federal government. The U.S. Secret Service, FBI, CIA and DEA […]