What Equipment Do Police Officers Carry? (And Do They Buy It Themselves?)

If you’re a law enforcement officer, you’re obviously doing a vital job that gets downright dangerous at times. Because of the nature of the work, you need to have high quality gear you know will hold up in a stressful situation. Just about anyone could tell you that a police officer will carry a firearm […]

How to Find the Best Tactical Knife for Police, Combat and Utility

There exists a nearly endless variety of knives designed for different purposes, ranging from small folding knives for simple tasks to huge chef’s knives for use in food preparation. But there’s one type of knife in particular that’s deployed in more extreme situations, and it could even end up saving your life. I’m talking about […]

Choosing the Best Tactical Backpack with Military, Police Utility

Backpacks are a dime a dozen and you can pick one up for very cheap, but when your needs are more specialized you demand a certain type of bag that’s cut out for the job. You’ll hear a lot of terms getting thrown around for these more heavy duty packs: tactical backpack, police backpack, military […]

Zero Tolerance for White Collar Crime: Enforcing Strict Laws and Ethical Work Culture Can Do Wonders

From countries on either sides of Atlantic to ones along the Red Sea, Pacific, Mediterranean, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean the single most overwhelming factor that has exposed the man’s negative, amoral character is his insatiable ‘GREED’. The same greed also propels him to commit the most abrasive and shameful of white collar crimes today. […]

Benefits of Earning a Criminal Justice Degree in Pakistan

Criminology or criminal justice education is a study of law-breaking and criminal motivation that unites disciplines like psychology, biology, political research, economics and sociology. These subjects are studied under criminal justice to understand the economics, communal circumstances and mentality of the lawbreaker that motivated him/her for the criminal activity. Since criminology is a significant part […]

Job Market for Criminal Justice: Will I Get Hired?

With just about any field, you want to have a good idea of the job market before you commit to it. Criminal justice is no exception, and in general the employment situation is very good, much better than a lot of other areas. But it’s important to understand the potential career paths are so diverse […]

Is a PhD in Criminal Justice Worth It? Yes, Says Academic Job Market

In most fields, the PhD is getting a bad rap these days. With massive costs of both the direct and opportunity variety, the economics just don’t cut it. The worst part is that the academic job market is horrific and full-time positions are vanishing or becoming almost impossible competitions involving hundreds of qualified candidates. The […]

How Do I Become a Criminal Psychologist?

When it comes to criminology and criminal justice paths, the career of the criminal psychologist often attracts a large share of interest. A lot of this is due to the popularity of Criminal Minds and related shows that glamorize the experience of profilers tracking down serial killers. The real life job is not exactly the […]

Highly-Equipped Law Enforcement – 10 Best Apps for Police Officers

Police officers need an effective and tactile approach to catch criminals and fend off crime in their cities. For this, they need some tools to trace their suspects, investigate the crime scene, analyze the whole scenario or case and find out the reality. It gets easier when these tools are available in their pocket, within […]

The Lazy Man’s (Or Woman’s) Guide to Becoming a Domestic Violence Officer

Domestic violence is a widespread crime in American society. According to a survey, more than a million women and 800,000 men have been subject to physical abuse by their partners. This has led local governments and law enforcement agencies to put together special units to tackle cases of domestic abuse. A domestic violence officer works […]