10 Insider Tips to Creating the Finest Bodyguard Resume

A bodyguard or security officer is an expert who is dedicated to protecting the life and safety of a person. Bodyguards often accompany heads of states and celebrities to protect them against any possible threats. The job of a bodyguard is in high demand for law enforcement agencies and, not to mention, affluent people. Professional […]

Guide To Becoming A Great Law Clerk

Law clerks are legal professionals who assist judges and attorneys in legal cases. They act as an assistant and prepare legal arguments and drafts to present before the court. They work in close proximity to judges and attorneys and write opinions on legal matters. This is why they are considered an important member of the […]

Six Reasons Going To Law School Is Still A Good Investment

There has been a lot of negative talk about lawyers and law school. With the current economy, people are having trouble finding jobs in any fields including law. That is why many people are wondering whether going to law school is still worth the time and money. The answer to that question is yes. Law […]

A Look Into The Career of a Criminal Lawyer

The profession of a criminal lawyer is interesting and full of challenges. For those who have a penchant for digging deep into legal matters and love challenges, a career as a criminal lawyer can be a good option. Read the following post to know more. In the present times, the profession of a lawyer has […]

5 Key Factors to Ensure Effective Online Courses

Distance learning has been getting more popular in recent years, becoming one of the strongest forces in the education sector and the reason why many universities are investing in online platforms to get a piece of the action within the industry. In these fast-paced times students need non-traditional learning tools that will give them the […]

Tips to Advance in the Field Of Criminology

Note: this is a guest article by Kathryn Criminology is a field that’s exploding in popularity, and it involves the study of criminal behavior. This study encompasses various crime factors, the cause of crimes as well as the significant social impact of crime and its victims. At the present time, there are many criminal experts that […]