10 Insider Tips to Creating the Finest Bodyguard Resume

A bodyguard or security officer is an expert who is dedicated to protecting the life and safety of a person. Bodyguards often accompany heads of states and celebrities to protect them against any possible threats. The job of a bodyguard is in high demand for law enforcement agencies and, not to mention, affluent people. Professional security officers work either individually or with a team of other experts to ensure safety of a person or premises.

As a professional bodyguard, you should have an inspiring resume that can flaunt your skills to security recruiters. Security agencies are in search of persons who are agile, courageous and have a sense of responsibility. So if you think meet these criteria of a potential bodyguard, you have to highlight these attributes in a professional resume. Here is how:

1. Illustrate Your Stronger Side: Being a bodyguard, you have to deal with threatening situations that demand strong mental and physical training. So when you write a resume, you have to focuses more on your physical and emotional side than your technical skills. For example, you can write an objective that shows you as someone who is tough, resilient and can remain calm yet decisive in tense situations.

2. Describe Your Communication Skills: Explain your abilities to communicate with your clients or subordinates. As a bodyguard, you should be able to communicate clearly with others officers in the loop. Showcase your knack to take and follow commands as they are instructed.

3. Demonstrate Your Physical Strength: A bodyguard is supposed to be strong and well-built. Define your body dimensions that are typical for a security job position. Highlight the statistics of your body that make you fit for a task relevant with your duty. Bodyguards have to face some really physically-demanding situations, so unless you display them in your resume, you can’t land a job of your liking or preference.

4. Define Your Credentials to Handle Firearms: Security officers are adept at handling and operating weapons. As they have to deal with potential offenders or miscreants, they must possess arms to protect the client. State briefly the fire arms and security gadgets that you can easily operate. Also, indicate the shooting range you have been trained for.

5. Highlight Skills: The job of a security officer is prone to procedural changes. In your resume, explain your organizational and management skills to deal with routine changes in your responsibilities. Similarly, you must show your willingness to work in rotating shifts. A resume that shows you adjustable to job modifications will make you a suitable candidate for the job.

6. Show Your Resilience: As a bodyguard, you must exhibit in your resume your mental strengths to cope with a life-threatening situation. You should express your readiness to operate in worst circumstances if situation demands. Describe your constant willingness to give your best despite in nastiest situations.

7. Highlight Your Ability to Focus: Security jobs involve hour’s long surveillance of CCTV cameras. Similarly, you have to constantly observe the surroundings for any chaos or disorder. Describe your keen attention to details and an ability to work without losing the concentration.

8. Explain Your Knowledge of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): Explain in your resume your knowledge with legal affairs associated with your job. Describe your familiarity with tasks that involve risk and safety of the masses.

9. State Professional Trainings: Outline the trainings you have gone through to become a licensed bodyguard. Spell out the specific areas that you have been trained in, for example martial arts, driving, risk assessment and close combat fighting.

10. List Your Credentials: Many security agencies require license before they hire a security officer. Indicate the license(s) that is acceptable or valid in a particular state. Make sure that you possess all other medical and legal certificates that are required for the job as bodyguard.

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