Five Reasons To Always Learn Your State’s Laws

All states have a large collection of local laws independent from federal laws. Most people do not take the time to learn these laws. The reality is that it is the responsibility of all citizens to learn the local laws of the state. There are five reasons why it is important to understand state laws.

1. Ignorance Is No Excuse

Ignorance is not a valid legal defense in any situation. A person who breaks the law will still be prosecuted even if the offender has no knowledge of the law broken. Most courts will not even grant leniency. Learning the local laws in a state will help to protect a person on a daily basis.

2. Learn What Can Be Changed

Some people petition cities and states in order to change something so that it better serves the public or is safer. Some areas have developed organically over time creating these types of inconveniences. Learning the laws in a state will provide a historical and legal overview of what can and cannot be changed. Some roads, parks and structures are covered by specific laws making them impossible to change outside of the state legislature.

3. Identify Crimes Being Committed

Learning the laws in a state allows a person to quickly identify other crimes as they are occurring. It also helps an individual to know when something is not a crime. Attorneys like Bradley Corbett in San Diego regularly defend people who have been falsely accused of domestic violence because someone did not understand California law. Even his website at shows how easy a false accusation of domestic violence could lead to prosecution. Learning the law prevents these types of false accusations.

4. Understand Personal Responsibilities

Another reason to learn state laws is to understand what responsibilities people in the state have. This is especially important when providing a service or running a business. Actions that seem innocent might actually be illegal and could result in civil litigation from employees or customers.

5. Avoid Fraudulent Charges

One final reason to learn state laws is to avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent charges from businesses or people on the street. Understanding the law can defuse a situation quickly that might have become litigious. Additionally, knowing the law allows a person to formulate a valid defense before lawyers get involved in a situation.

Understanding local laws provides a person with knowledge that can be used to help others or to protect personal interests. It is important to check the laws in the state regularly and to keep up on local news. This is because some laws can change dramatically without much notice.

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