Highly-Equipped Law Enforcement – 10 Best Apps for Police Officers

Police officers need an effective and tactile approach to catch criminals and fend off crime in their cities. For this, they need some tools to trace their suspects, investigate the crime scene, analyze the whole scenario or case and find out the reality. It gets easier when these tools are available in their pocket, within their smart phones. Therefore, apps like crime maps, police related news and police scanners have been created to better assist our law enforcers and make the city clean. Here is a collection of 10 best apps for 21st century police officers.

1.      Interact Mobile

It provides best mapping services to trace or locate the suspected-area. Moreover, it also helps officers make tactical decisions. It also allows access to critical information including FBI databases. It is interconnected with various data sharing networks and databases including CAD, OMS, etc. The best part is it can be operated on a variety of operating systems and devices.

2.      Cargo Decoder

Investigating cargo before loading or unloading is also critically important which is why Cargo Decoder can be an effective app for investigators. The app requires 4-digit-id from the Dot placard to display the list of items a cargo is carrying. It also helps search information by matching the material name or UN/NA number.  The best feat of this app is that it also allows voice search for faster investigation.

3.     iPharmacy

Though it is best for pharmacists for maintaining their inventory, it can also help investigators identify the name of pill, composition and the actual costs of any drugs. This application can help police officers to identify drugs and harmful pills during the crime investigation.

4.     Law Stack

Now the big legal library is in your small pocket. The application allows you to look into constitutions, legal terms, laws & regulations including Federal rules of civil procedure, bankruptcy procedure, criminal procedure, appellate procedure, etc. with just a single tap.

5.      Signals

It gives references to different communication signals such as police codes, phonetic codes, Q-Signals, 10/11 codes, etc. This application makes easy to see signal strength data at your place. Signals are shown on different areas located on map.

6.      Shooter

It is totally a unique application that has the most accurate ballistics and distance calculator. It saves all your data related to firearms or ammunitions so that you can check the data or statistics whenever or wherever you want. It has 1300 bullets accessible in the built-in library through which you can easily select the bullet and automatically load its data into your ammo profile.  It helps measure altitude, temperature, humidity, and wind speed. You can also send trajectory table to any of the email address in your list.

7.      Police Pad

This application allows creating data, PDF files, presentations, events, and reports without paper, pen or pencil. You can also add, edit and review notes and pictures through this app. In addition to that it also allows you to locate single or multiple events on the map.

8.      My Police Department

Now the local citizens can connect with the police departments with a single gesture. This application is built to interconnect the locals with the police to increase their involvement in making the community a safer to live. With the help of this application, general public can commend a police officer, ask question, give their feedback, report to anonymous crimes, report online, etc.

9.      Police radar

It is an android application that has scanner to trace police radars, speed traps, speed cams, parking attendants, etc. It also shows you traffic problems that are added by general public. Now it is also available with chat function through which you can connect with general public and listen to their queries.

10.   Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

On the basis of your height, weight and drink you can get a rough estimation of the level of BAC in the victim’s body.

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