Popular Career Fields in Criminal Justice: What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?

There is something intriguing about a career in the field of criminal justice. The job of FBI agents, lawyers, cops and so on fascinates me. There would be some excitement whenever I happen to watch an episode of White Collar, Castle, NYPD Blue, X Files and Law & Order.

However, it is not a simple job to deal with delinquency and crime. It is a risky job that very few people are willing to do. Nonetheless, it is a noble profession in its own perspectives. If you are also looking forward to enter in the field of criminal justice, you should be aware about the things you can do in this sector. So, let’s take a look at some of the criminal justice career opportunities available for you.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

When it comes of criminal justice, FBI is the most commonly known jobs. A FBI agent performs serious tasks which requires moral as well as skills. Though it is a challenging job, it will give you the chance to serve your nation each and every day. It may seem fascinating to work as a FBI agent, however you should be prepared for an exciting life, since people working in this department need to work in different circumstances each and every day. Whether it is about being a part of the Hostage Rescue Team or a FBI Special Agent, just make sure that you are prepared for this job.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is another popular branch of law enforcement. Anyone who plans to enter in this field aspires to be either the CIA or the FBI. There are plenty of sub-fields in CIA, such as Analyst, Field Agent, Spy, Special Agent, and so on. Some of the requirements to make it through the CIA are a good GPA, high professional and personal standards, preferably fluency in one of the foreign languages, low alcohol consumption and no drug use. You need to stick to high ethical standards at work if you wish to be chosen for the Clandestine Service Trainee Program.

Drug Enforcement Agency

If you want to become a Drug Enforcement Agent, there are many criteria you will need to fulfill. You need to be at least 21 years of age, and don’t exceed the age of 36 years. Only the citizens of US can apply for this post. You must also hold a valid driver’s license. Good health, along with sharp vision and hearing is crucial to get hired. A bachelor’s degree is a must in terms of education. However, a bachelor’s degree in foreign language, accounting, economics, finance, criminal justice, or a political science is given high preference. If you are selected, you will go through a training program of 16 weeks that deals with leadership, drug recognition, ethics, law, etc.

Apart from these three, there are several other jobs that you can choose from, which are Victim Witness Assistant, State Trooper, Diplomatic Security Special Agent, Sheriff, Criminologist, Fingerprinting Specialist, Bailiff, Juvenile Probation Officer, Police Officer Federal Air Marshal, IRS Special Agent, ATF Agent, Paralegal, Immigration Enforcement Agent, Arson Investigator, Crime Analyst, Forensic Psychologist, Defense Attorney, Judge, Federal Correctional Officer, Secret Service Special Agent, Crime Scene Investigator, etc.

All of the careers mentioned above are satisfying and rewarding. Simply be clear of what you want to be in the future and start to make preparations right from today.

About the author: Scott Garcia has worked in the field of criminal justice for 10 years. Learn about online criminal justice classes right from him.

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