What Equipment Do Police Officers Carry? (And Do They Buy It Themselves?)

If you’re a law enforcement officer, you’re obviously doing a vital job that gets downright dangerous at times. Because of the nature of the work, you need to have high quality gear you know will hold up in a stressful situation. Just about anyone could tell you that a police officer will carry a firearm […]

How to Find the Best Tactical Knife for Police, Combat and Utility

There exists a nearly endless variety of knives designed for different purposes, ranging from small folding knives for simple tasks to huge chef’s knives for use in food preparation. But there’s one type of knife in particular that’s deployed in more extreme situations, and it could even end up saving your life. I’m talking about […]

Choosing the Best Tactical Backpack with Military, Police Utility

Backpacks are a dime a dozen and you can pick one up for very cheap, but when your needs are more specialized you demand a certain type of bag that’s cut out for the job. You’ll hear a lot of terms getting thrown around for these more heavy duty packs: tactical backpack, police backpack, military […]

What Are the Best Handcuffs on the Market Today?

If you’re a law enforcement officer, a good pair of handcuffs is an essential tool you need to do your job of apprehending suspected criminals. Depending on the specifics of your job and department, there may come a time when you need to choose a pair for your own use, such as if you want […]