The Lazy Man’s (Or Woman’s) Guide to Becoming a Domestic Violence Officer

Domestic violence is a widespread crime in American society. According to a survey, more than a million women and 800,000 men have been subject to physical abuse by their partners. This has led local governments and law enforcement agencies to put together special units to tackle cases of domestic abuse.

A domestic violence officer works as a member of special unit team in cases of domestic violence. He or she is responsible for protecting people from potential offenders and assist investigators to prepare criminal charges against the offenders. These officers help detectives to analyze evidence, interrogate victim or offender and compile a report.

As job of a domestic violence officer involves sensitive cases such sexual harassment and child abuse, they have to undergo special training to get first-hand experience of dealing with such cases. This article will take a look into the credentials that are mandatory to qualify for a certified domestic abuse officer and then a domestic abuse detective.

How to Become a Domestic Violence Officer?

To qualify for a domestic abuse officer, you need an associate degree in forensic science or criminal justice. Similarly, you can pursue a degree program in sociology or psychology. Check the GPA requirement for domestic abuse officer eligibility qualification.

Next, you will join police academy where you will be trained by officers for police procedural and physical conditioning. Once you complete this training, you will become a certified domestic abuse officer. However, you will need an additional work experience of 2-6 years before you can apply for position of domestic violence detective.

After you have become domestic violence officer, you have to maintain highest professional standards. You must learn hands-on experience of dealing with domestic violence cases. You have to learn police procedural work to assist investigators in a case. Similarly, you must ensure highest marks in all fitness evaluations. But most importantly, you must observe all code of conduct as an officer during your tenure. These all essentials will help you get promotion in special victim unit branch.

Procedure to Qualify For Domestic Violence Detective

When a domestic violence officer promotes to special victim unit as domestic violence detective, he is directly responsible to investigate a case. As a domestic violence detective, he investigates the crime scene and gathers enough evidence to prepare formal legal proceedings against the offender. He works alongside with a forensic team and provides them with all assistance whenever they demand. In addition, domestic violence investigator can also be called upon as a witness in domestic violence case.

As mentioned above, you performance as an officer will lead you in special victim unit. However, this will again require certain requisites that must be fulfilled.

As with any law enforcement department, special victim units demand specific portfolio of a candidate which requires specific trainings in areas of domestic violence investigation.

After you have gone through series of training and experience, you will be then eligible for a domestic violence detective test. Oftentimes, police stations recommend the most competent and proficient officers for such test.

Finally, if you meet the criteria for a domestic violence detective, the selection team will call you for an assessment test. A typical domestic violence detective exam entails psychological evaluations of candidate along with a written test.

From a domestic violence officer to detective, you will go through series of courses and trainings. These trainings are instrumental in making you familiar with the psyche and behavior of an offender so that you can give your critical insights into the case efficiently. Furthermore, you will become familiarized with procedural techniques related with investigation of circumstances behind a domestic violence case.

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