The Rise of Cyber Crime and Its Affect on Criminal Justice Degrees

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear of a data security breach invading our personal information and wreaking havoc on our financial and personal lives. Target, Home Depot, Snapchat the list grows at an alarming rate every week. While we strive to be cautious and protect our information, cybercriminals can reach you on your computer, tablet, cell phone, or via your credit and debit cards.

A recent and nerve-racking trend is known as electronic pick pocketing where thieves utilize high-tech scanning devices while you are standing in line at the grocery store or at your favorite restaurant.

On the flip side there is a growing market of products and devices to help you protect against just such activity like the Signal Vault that will block out those scanners and help you protect your sensitive information.  It’s imperative that we as individuals stay current on what’s happening, available safeguards and the best ways to protect data. With all of this activity from the evildoers cyber security continues to be the number one threat the United States faces in the 21st century.

As our society continues to grow more tech savvy, crime continues to evolve in clever ways, challenging authorities to respond with even greater ingenuity while trying to stay one step ahead. A factor of the growing problem is that cybercrime is not limited to one type of theft. It can include but is not limited to: hacking, identity theft and cyber stalking. Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as criminals leverage the same technology advancements as businesses and governments around the world.

Education Equals New Opportunity

While these facts can be distressing there is an advantage to those seeking a new career path. With the rise in computer attacks there are constantly new opportunities for anyone wanting to join the fight against cybercrime. A criminal justice master’s degree can help advance you in a career with the aim of bringing down the rising population of hackers and other cyber criminals.

While some positions in the field may not require an advanced degree most would agree that acquiring a degree in Criminology or Criminal Justice would be a valuable asset, if not an essential element, for entry into an elite law enforcement agency with an increased chance of career advancement into supervisory and management positions, since this degree program trains them to understand and apply their knowledge in strategic situations. In addition to careers in these fields many students utilize these degrees to give them a helping hand as they advance to law school.

Applying These Skills in Today’s Job Market

Criminology and Criminal Justice degrees not only open the door to careers in fighting the battle against cybercrime but they also offer a wealth of additional opportunities with possibilities extending over several career options. The private sector offers a variety of choices that range from Legal Assistant to Bounty Hunter. Important additions to the career possibilities are the vast opportunities with the U.S. Marshal Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Secret Service or the Department of Homeland Security. These fields are customarily looking to employ individuals with degrees in Criminal Justice and Criminology. With a common goal of helping people these degrees open the door to a long and diverse list of  career possibilities all offering a range of pay depending on your level of experience and education.

In response to modern-day criminal activity, the field of criminal justice has had to evolve. If you plan to enter the criminal justice field or want to advance your career, you’ll need an education that not only keeps up but stays one step ahead.

About the author: C.A. Newberry is a retired event coordinator with passion for learning. She spends most days with her nose in a book or her eyes glued to Twitter seeking her next fascinating topic. When not scouring the screen she’s usually at the ballpark with her family. You can connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

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